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Choosing Carpet for Hotels

Posted by on Feb 5, 2016 in Blog, Carpet, Latest News, Products | Comments Off on Choosing Carpet for Hotels


Whether you are launching your hotel or doing a general makeover, don’t forget to also change your carpets. Carpets can accentuate your hotel, bring in more color and sophistication, and more importantly, create a sense of grandiosity—giving you the chance to increase your rates. So it is very important when choosing carpet to do it right. There is a science on how to choose carpets that can effectively enhance the value of your hotel and here are two factors that you must consider:


The feel of the carpet on your skin is the most important factor in buying carpet—be it for your house, hotel, or office. Thanks to modern technology, carpets are now being manufactured using a variety of materials, from synthetic fibers to polyester, to nylon, and polypropylene.

Choose the texture you want for your hotel. Nylon carpet is one of the most popular choices in hotel carpeting because of its durability. It has the power to endure the weight of any furniture without having it damaged. However, nylon carpets are not that good with soil and sunlight unlike polyester and polypropylene.

Polyester on the other hand is the softest material. Made from very fine thread, this carpet is more resistant to water, sunlight, and soil compared to nylon. Despite its luxurious feel, this material is much cheaper than nylon. However, durability is often questioned when it comes to poly.

And when it comes to affordability and simplicity, choosing carpet that is olefin or polypropylene is your best choice. It’s not prone to soiling and fading, and it’s wear-resistant, too. But like polyester, olefin is not that durable.


Next crucial factor is the design. How does it fit your hotel’s color, theme, and level of sophistication? What look and atmosphere do you want to achieve when your hotel’s fully carpeted? Hotels should bring warmth, comfort, and entertainment, so make sure that your choice of design should meet this basic objectives.

When it comes to choosing your hotel’s carpet, make sure to purchase it at a trusted seller like 123Floor. They not only offer the best brands of carpet in the country, they also have hardwood and luxury vinyl for a complete flooring package. Complete your interior design today and get the help you need choosing carpet.